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How Do Dodge Wheelchair Vans Enhance Mobility Access?

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Dodge wheelchair vans offer some great opportunities in the realm of mobility access. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a converted Dodge handicap minivan (a Grand Caravan or Caravan) or a the full-size Sprinter wheelchair van, you’ll find getting from Point A to Point B an easy and safe way to improve the quality of your life.

Improving Access

Dodge wheelchair vans put the keys in the hands of the wheelchair user. They’re easily modified to allow total access and enhanced drivability.

Dodge Caravan with rear wheelchair lift

Dodge Caravan fitted with a rear wheelchair lift

That’s accomplished via a variety of conversions. That starts with making it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. Wheelchair van conversion pros can outfit a Caravan or Sprinter with a functional wheelchair ramp or lift, making entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze.

That process can be made even more comfortable, safe and convenient by increasing the height of the passenger and driver compartments. Raising roofs and lowering floors make that possible.

Those who might have problems opening and closing van doors will love the automatic, remote entry options that work with Dodge vehicles.

2006 dodge caravan

Dodge transfer driver seat

Transfer Seats
Once inside the vehicle, transfer seats, front seat removal and other options make it a snap to get behind the wheel. Driving can be enhanced by customizations to vehicle controls. Those who can’t handle traditional steering benefit from low-effort and zero-effort steering options. Braking benefits from similar customizations.

Dodge Caravan handicap driving aids

Handicap driving aids

Hand controls are available for those who can’t operate traditional foot pedals. Other modifications can allow most wheelchair users to navigate the highways and byways of the world safely and conveniently.

Those are just a few of the conversions that have been used to make Dodge wheelchair vans a smart choice for disabled drivers. There are many others. If you can think of a specific need, the odds are that a NMEDA conversion specialist has found a way to meet it. The cumulative effect of these conversions is enhanced mobility.

Improving Mobility

When you can drive yourself where you want to go, when you want to go there, doors begin to open. You’re no longer forced to work around the availability of helpers and you can experience the world on your own terms. Being in a wheelchair poses a number of challenges, but there’s no reason to allow those challenges to serve as an impediment to independence.

Wheelchair van drivers will tell you how much difference having the right vehicle in the driveway can make to one’s life. The freedom to interact with the world around you without being forced to rely on previous levels of outside aid is nothing short of transformative.

Dodge wheelchair vans have made that transformation a reality for thousands of wheelchair-bound drivers. The Caravan line and the full-sized Sprinter line of Dodge vehicles have proven themselves as top wheelchair van choices. The conversion industry has done amazing things for these vehicles and for the wheelchair users who buy them.

If you’re not driving, consider the difference a wheelchair van could make in your life. Then, take a long look at the options available to you. In most cases, you’ll find that Dodge wheelchair vans can provide you with exactly what you need.

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