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Tips for Selecting the Right Dodge Wheelchair Van for Your Needs

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Dodge has produced a number of vehicles that are well suited for use as wheelchair vans. Their Grand Caravan and Caravan minivans are popular conversions and the full-sized Sprinter is a compelling choice for those who would like a larger vehicle.

Caravans and Grand Caravans

2009 dodge grand caravanDodge was at the forefront of the minivan movement. Its leadership in the field is reflected in the quality of its Caravan and Grand Caravans. They are solid vehicles with a loyal following that have withstood the test of time.

The fact that Dodge was one of the first manufacturers to produce a popular minivan led many conversion companies to experiment with it. As a result, there are many top conversion companies who are experienced with and constantly improving modifications to the Caravan and the slightly more “dressed up” Grand Caravan.


Dodge Sprinter full-sized wheelchair van with lift entry

Dodge Sprinter full-sized wheelchair van with rear lift entry

The Dodge Sprinter is a full-sized wheelchair van that is positioned to compete with Ford’s Econoline and similar vehicles. It is spacious, powerful and provides its owners with the flexibility for nearly any common customization.

Sprinters are attractive with wheelchair van buyers because Dodge has made a point of offering a high-roof variation that provides greater clearance within the vehicle and at the point of entry/exit than do many other vans.

Should You Buy a New or Used Dodge Wheelchair Van?

There are sturdy used Dodge wheelchair vans on the market and bargain-hunting buyers should consider them. However, buying a used Dodge does require the application of a higher degree of scrutiny relative to other makes and models.

Dodges are, largely, reliable vans and consumers have given them good ratings. However, they do not compare to products made by manufacturers like Honda or Toyota in terms of longevity. No one wants to invest in a vehicle that may not have a long lifespan before the need for serious repairs or parts replacement becomes apparent and that is a risk with Dodge wheelchair vans, particularly older Caravans and Grand Caravans.

Used Rear Entry Dodge Caravan

Typical used rear entry Dodge Caravan Wheelchair Van

Dodge Sprinter Wheelchair Vans Have Multitude Of Uses

It is also important to understand that Sprinters are not marketed exclusively as a passenger vehicle. They have utility in commercial and industrial settings, which means a used Sprinter may have been exposed to more trying driving conditions than most used vehicles. This added wear and tear is a factor to seriously consider when shopping.

Get Expert Mechanical Advice

Anyone considering a used Dodge wheelchair van should insist on being allowed to have his or her own mechanic examine the vehicle. The buyer should insist upon complete service records demonstrating the previous owner’s commitment to proper maintenance, as well. If one is looking at a late model Dodge, they should focus on dealer certified vehicles that carry an adequate warranty and that have been fully reviewed by the manufacturer.

Get expert mechanical advice to ensure a used Dodge wheelchair van is your best option

Get expert mechanical advice to ensure a used Dodge wheelchair van is your best option


Used Dodge Wheelchair Vans Save The Pocket

It is possible to save a great deal of money by purchasing a used Dodge wheelchair van instead of a new model. If possible, a new minivan or van is preferable to a used model. If one is considering a used Dodge, they should carefully and completely evaluate the vehicle prior to purchase.

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