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Expert Advice : Where to Buy Used Dodge Wheelchair Vans

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Are you looking for a way to buy a Sprinter or Grand Caravan wheelchair van without paying the full sticker price of new models and without experiencing the instant depreciation that comes with a new vehicle purchase? If so, there are several ways to obtain a used Dodge wheelchair van.

Professional Mobility Dealers

You can find your used Dodge handicap van for sale from a professional mobility dealer offering used accessible vehicles. Dodge dealerships, used car sellers and specialized wheelchair van experts may have just what you need.

Dodge mobility dealerships are a great place to start your search for a used van or minivan. Customers often trade in their used accessible vehicles when making a new purchase and the mobility dealer will keep the best of those trade-ins for sale as used wheelchair vans. In many cases, you can find NMEDA certified Dodge wheelchair van dealers that have warranties and other buyer protections usually associated with new vehicles.

Dodge wheelchair van warranty

NMEDA certified Dodge wheelchair van dealers often have warranties

If you can’t find what you need on the lot of your local Dodge mobility dealer, you may want to expand your search to lots specializing in used cars. The quality and customer service of used car lots can vary widely, but there are many reputable vendors who offer protections similar to those found at Dodge dealerships on used Grand Caravans and Sprinters. One should heighten his or her scrutiny of the vehicle in question and the nature of the deal offered when dealing with used car lots, but there is great potential for finding used vehicles from this source.

NMEDA Mobility Equipment Dealers Are Your Best Bet

Wheelchair van conversion companies and mobility equipment dealers will occasionally obtain vans and minivans for resale. Some companies regularly have used Grand Caravans and Sprinters on hand. Their expertise in the modification process makes them an interesting option for those in need of used Dodge wheelchair vans.

Private Sellers Of Dodge Handicap Vans

You don’t need to buy from a mobility dealer to get a used wheelchair van. You can make a purchase from a private vendor. Individuals sell quality used Dodge wheelchair vans every day.

The most common way of finding an individual seller is the tried and true method of checking one’s local newspaper’s classified advertisements. In the last few years, websites like eBay and Mobility Van have provided a new way for interested disabled buyers to find disabled sellers.

Exercise Due Diligence

Regardless of where one finds the private handicapped van buyer, there are a few things he or she should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Generally, it’s more difficult to obtain financing for these Dodge accessible van purchases, which are usually “cash and carry.” Additionally, buyers don’t receive the legal protections they would if they purchased from a licensed auto dealer. That means buyers need to carefully examine the used Dodge wheelchair van under consideration and must exercise all due diligence to avoid a potentially negative buying experience.

Those aren’t reasons to avoid private handicap van sales, however. There is a huge upside associated with purchasing from an individual. Private sellers are often very motivated to find a buyer and they don’t carry the kind of expenses and overhead costs mobility dealers carry. As such, it’s often possible to find a used Dodge wheelchair van at a fraction of the new vehicle price.

If you’re looking for a used Dodge Grand Caravan or Sprinter wheelchair van, you will want to consider both professional and individual sellers in your search. The various ways of finding a used van have different advantages and disadvantages, but all of them provide the opportunity to get a solid vehicle at a great price.

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