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Reviewing the Dodge Mobility Program for Disabled Drivers

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Purchasing a new Dodge Sprinter of Grand Caravan for use as a handicapped accessible vehicle can be challenging. In addition to handling the usual “new car” expenses, you will also be facing the costs associate with modifying your vehicle.

Dodge recognizes this challenge and is willing to help with its mobility program. The Dodge “Automobility” plan is set up to provide cash reimbursement to defray the expense associated with the installation of adaptive equipment. The program will provide up to $1,000 for buyers of any Sprinter or Grand Caravan. Those interested in traditional passenger cars or trucks can qualify for up to $750.

Key Information about the Dodge Automobility Program

  • Factory installed optional equipment is not eligible for reimbursement as part of the Automobility program. Some factory options may be helpful for the disabled driver, but only third-party modifications meet Automobility requirements.
  • Prescription requirements for the program coverage vary based on the adaptation involved. Dodge will request a doctor’s prescription for items like running boards or devices designed to alert hearing impaired drivers. They will not request those materials for hand controls or wheelchair ramps.
  • You do not need to use a Dodge dealer for installation of your disability aids. Dodge will recommend members in good standing with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, but you can take your vehicle to the qualified equipment dealer of your choice.
  • The Automobility program applies only to new vehicles.
  • Leased vehicles may be eligible for the program as long as the lease is for twelve months or more. Some fleet vehicles may also be eligible. There are special conditions for leased and fleet Dodges and the company recommends discussing the matter is one of their staff.
  • In order to receive reimbursement, equipment must be in place within six months of the date of the vehicle’s purchase. All documentation and application forms must provided to Dodge within sixty days of the installation’s completion.
  • The Automobility program cannot be used as a rebate. It is a reimbursement that applies only after one pays for installed disability equipment. You will need to supply documentation that shows the work was completed and that you have paid for it in full.
  • The program is completely compatible with other Dodge purchase incentives.
  • The program and its benefits are not affected by any outside assistance you may have.
  • Dodge will aid you in obtaining financing for the vehicle and its conversion.
  • Reimbursements must be applied for by the original vehicle purchaser within 90 days of the completion of the adaptive equipment installation. Equipment installations must be completed within 12 months of the new Toyota vehicle delivery date.

Reviewing the Automobility Program

  • Remember, the Dodge Automobility program is designed to provide reimbursements for the expenses you incur when modifying your Grand Caravan or Sprinter. The adaptations must be in place and paid for before you can qualify for a check.
  • The Dodge program is not the most generous in the industry, but it is competitive.
  • The fact that Dodge will work with buyers to help finance their vehicle with adaptation costs included may be a substantial benefit to some buyers.

Other Benefits

Dodge Automobility Program

Dodge Automobility Program

Dodge’s Automobility Program is perfectly compatible with any other way of obtaining funds to cover the purchase of your vehicle. It is not based on financial need and it is not means-tested. Dodge will not cut off access to the program because you are receiving additional outside assistance.

You should be pursuing those other forms of assistance. Too often, buyers overlook programs that could have saved them a substantial sum of money.

Contact your state rehabilitative services offices and inquire about any programs you may qualify. In some parts of the country, county offices may have options, as well. Of course, you should also investigate any possible relief that may come from your health insurance or worker’s compensation coverage, as well.

Thoroughly investigating your options can have a dramatic impact on the out-of-pocket cost for your vehicle. Consider Veterans benefits, for instance. Many former service members do not even realize that the VA has a special program that can provide as much as $11,000 to be used toward a qualifying adapted vehicle. The VA program does have different standards for those who have service-connected situations and those who do not, but everyone who served and who has a disability may be eligible for assistance.

That is just one of many options and it is a strong reminder of how important it is to consider all possible funding options.


The Dodge Automobility program is a nice way for anyone purchasing or leasing a new vehicle for use as a wheelchair van or access vehicle to reduce his or her overall expenses. The $1,000 Dodge is offering wont’ makes the process inexpensive, but program participation is easy. It is well worth the effort for $1,000.

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