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Insider Tips to Save Money When Converting My Dodge Wheelchair Van

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Are you considering a Grand Caravan, a used Caravan or a Dodge Sprinter as a wheelchair van? Brace yourself. The conversion process is going to add quite a bit to your final price tag. Transforming a van or a minivan into a high-quality accessibility vehicle requires expensive equipment and professional labor. There is no way to “do it on the cheap” without making a horrible and dangerous decision to sacrifice quality and safety.

However, that does not mean that you need to blindly accept any price thrown at you by an equipment dealer or conversion manufacturer. Those estimates and quotes are written on paper. They are not etched in stone. You can take action to save money when converting your Dodge wheelchair van by following these tips.

Do not Over-Convert

Do not buy equipment or purse modifications that you really do not need. There is nothing wrong with making things a little easier than they need to be, but consistently reaching for options that exceed your actual requirements for the sake of comfort will really drive up a bill.

Don’t Consider Your Future Needs – Access Your Immediate Needs
Some people make the mistake of thinking about their distant futures when buying a wheelchair van. They think about what they will need from their Grand Caravan when they are much older. They think of their Sprinter as a lifetime investment. That is understandable and we would usually applaud people for being forward thinking. When it comes to wheelchair vans, however, you should be thinking of right now and the foreseeable, immediate future only. The fact of the matter is that most wheelchair vans are productive for ten years at the most. You are not making a lifetime investment and you do not need to over-convert to provide for your future.

Cut Your Bill Down to Size

Escape Sales Tax
Make an effort to do the little things that can add up to mean a lot. For instance, you can escape sales tax on your conversion if your doctor will write a prescription for the modifications. That is like getting a great X% off coupon for the entire project.

Lower Interest Rates – Do Your Homework
You can also save by financing at the lowest possible interest rate. Unless you are paying for your Dodge’s conversion in cash, you will be taking out a loan. Be certain that you have done your homework and have secured the lowest interest loan available to you.

Outside Funding and Assistance
Another way to cut your bill is to investigate all potential options for outside funding and assistance. Veterans may find extra resources through the VA. Your health or workmen’s compensation insurance may pick up part of the bill. Some state rehabilitation program offices have resources, as well. Do not be afraid to investigate every possible option.

Be a Smart Consumer

Check Your Deal Is The Best
Before you agree to any conversion, put forth the effort necessary to make sure you are obtaining the best possible deal. Comparison shop with multiple disability equipment dealers and conversion manufacturers. You will often find that one qualified resource is far less expensive than the other is.

You should also make an effort to negotiate the best possible price. Those estimates and price tags are not always the final word. These companies want your business and they are often willing to compete to get it–if you give them a reason to do so.

Avoid Overspending
Adding a lift to Sprinter is expensive. Dropping the floor of a Grand Caravan is expensive. Having special hand controls installed in a used Caravan is expensive, too. Conversions simply are not cheap. However, that does not mean you need to overspend on them. If you are willing to put forth the time and effort, you can often find ways to decrease the price of your Dodge wheelchair van conversion.

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