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How Best to Maintain and Service Your Dodge Wheelchair Van

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You have a beautiful Dodge Sprinter in the driveway or maybe a shiny new Grand Caravan in the garage. Either way, you’ve made a rock-solid choice. A Dodge wheelchair van will serve you very well for years to come–if you service and maintain in the right way.

Service and maintenance are important!

It’s hard to overestimate just how important proper maintenance and service is to keeping your Dodge wheelchair van in working order. Dodge vehicles are “ram tough” and they can survive just about anything, but that requires taking care of them in the first place.

Did you know that the conversion experts at Braun say that a lack of regular care and maintenance is responsible for more wheelchair van down time than anything else? If you’re not taking care of your van, it can’t take care of you.

Being smart about servicing and maintaining your vehicles has the potential to save you a small fortune, too. When you have your eyes open and spot problems before they escalate, you inevitably pay less for repairs. Regular maintenance decreases the chances of experiencing a problem in the first place.

Who you choose is important, too!

You don’t want to drive into the first service station you see to perform maintenance on your Dodge wheelchair van. You want to make sure the job is performed correctly and your vehicle undoubtedly features a number of specialty modifications that deserve the kind of attention only a wheelchair expert can provide.

As such, you’ll want to make it a priority to find an experienced NMEDA QAP approved conversion pro to do regular maintenance and service on your modifications and related systems. Ideally, that same service center will be able to handle your base vehicle needs, as well. If not, we recommend using a Dodge dealership’s service option or one that’s recommended by a Dodge expert.

You might be able to carve a few bucks off your service and maintenance bill by using a no-name garage, but those savings won’t matter one iota if the folks involve mishandle a budding problem or fail to take notice of a warning sign. Your van is important to your daily life and it deserves the best possible service.

Remember, there’s a van in there somewhere!

You don’t just have a Dodge wheelchair van. You have a Dodge van. Too many wheelchair van owners do a good job checking their lifts, ramps, and other conversions but neglect to properly handle the regular maintenance that should be a part of owning any motor vehicle.

Those old-fashioned automotive basics like checking your fluid, examining your tires, getting regular tune-ups and getting oil changes are just as important with wheelchair vans as they are with any other car, truck or van. You can’t neglect them.

Following the schedule is critical!

Every conversion your Dodge has came with recommendations for regular inspection, maintenance and service. That included telling you how often to look at the components in question and when to service them. The van itself came with a similar outline of best practices in its owner’s manual.

You need to treat those recommendations as if they’re laws. Follow them to the letter. The research doesn’t lie. Those who follow the suggested maintenance schedules experience fewer problems and longer vehicle lives than those who do not.

You undoubtedly love your Caravan or Sprinter. Now it’s time to act that way! Recognize the importance of regular maintenance, take your vehicle to great service providers, don’t neglect the basics and follow manufacturer recommendations to the letter. If you do, you can safely expect years of high-quality performance from your Dodge wheelchair van.

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