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Are Dodge Grand Caravans the Right Wheelchair Minivan Choice?

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You can’t talk about wheelchair minivans, or minivans in general, without discussing the leading Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan. The Caravan, introduced in 1984, was the very first minivan. It created a class that has become a regular part of the automotive scene.

Caravan v’s Grand Caravan

A few days after the introduction of the Caravan, Dodge added the Grand Caravan to its roster. The primary distinction between the two models was the wheelbase. The Caravan sat atop a shorter chassis based upon the then-popular K-car. The Grand Caravan had a longer wheelbase. Now, well over twenty-five years since its introduction, Dodge no longer offers the shorter vehicle. The Grand Caravan is its only remaining minivan.

Dodge Caravan Proves A Popular Wheelchair Van Option

The introduction of the minivan wasn’t just a great option for families with children. It also created a new class of wheelchair minivans. Mobility van conversion experts, who until that point had plied their trade on full-sized vans, were immediately attracted to the Caravan as a smaller, easier to handle alternative. After some experimentation, they determined it was possible to take a produce a top-notch Dodge wheelchair van.

Dodge Grand Caravan Prove Popular

Dodge Grand Caravans quickly gained popularity with the disabled driving community

Dodge’s head start in the marketplace gave it a head start in the wheelchair van department, too. Caravans and Grand Caravans quickly gained popularity with the disabled driving community, which was hungry for an alternative to bigger vehicles.

20 Years Of Dodge Wheelchair Minivans

Now, well over twenty five years later, the Grand Caravan is still a popular wheelchair van option. That’s true for a few reasons.

Dodge Grand Caravan interior for wheelchair passengers

Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van interior for disabled passengers

First, Dodge continues to produce a solid product. While the Grand Caravan may not measure up to some other minivan options, it still offers a good combination of performance, flexibility and value. It may not be a thrilling vehicle, but there’s very little about which to complain, either.

Second, Ford’s decision to discontinue the Freestar left one of Dodge’s primary American competitors without a minivan option. That makes it at least somewhat easier for Dodge to claim its share of the minivan market.

Third, the long history of the Caravan line means that many people have experience with it and continue to buy updated versions of the van. It’s a trusted name that carries some influence with buyers.

Wheelchair users continue to appreciate what the Grand Caravan offers them. A wide variety of modifications is readily available and history has shown that the minivan effectively stands up to the needs of the disabled driver.

Dodge Caravan wheelchair vans are a trusted name

Dodge Caravan wheelchair vans are a trusted name and carry influence with disabled buyers

The Grand Caravan isn’t necessarily the top of its class in the wheelchair van field, but it’s hard to be too critical of the vehicle. It offers adequate performance, sufficient space and is arguably more attractive than many of the other vehicles in its class. If you’re interested in mobility equipment, it would be foolish not to at least consider a Dodge wheelchair minivan.

Dodge started the minivan revolution and continues to produce the Grand Caravan, now in its fifth generation of design, today. The Grand Caravan is a solid vehicle capable of serving as a solid wheelchair minivan.

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