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12 Must Have Disability Options for Dodge Sprinter Wheelchair Vans

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1. Dual Sliding Doors

Can the Dodge Sprinter utilize dual sliding doors? It can. However, the vehicle isn’t readily available from most dealers in this configuration. You may be able to have Dodge produce a Sprinter with sliding doors on both sides, however. Alternatively, this could be accomplished by a professional conversion manufacturer.


2. Automatic Power Door

The Dodge Sprinter is a full-sized van and most come with traditional van cargo doors, instead of the sliding, powered options one may find on a minivan. However, a sliding door option is available for the Dodge wheelchair van and it is possible for a conversion manufacturer to install the equipment necessary for the door to operate on its own motor, improving accessibility to the vehicle.

3. Wheelchair Lift

Many wheelchair users would prefer to rely upon a lift, instead of a ramp to exit and enter their vehicles. That can be problematic for minivan drivers, as those options may not allow enough space. A full-sized wheelchair van, like the Dodge Sprinter, however, can use a wheelchair lift. Sprinters can be converted for side or rear lift use.


4. Wheelchair Ramp

Many Dodge Sprinter owners are attracted the full-sized wheelchair van option because it allows them to use a lift on either side or in the rear of the vehicle. Some users, however, may opt to utilize a ramp. Using a ramp with the Sprinter isn’t problematic. These full-sized Dodge wheelchair vans are capable of handling virtually any ramp on the market.

5. Scooter Lift

Many Dodge Sprinter owners who utilize a power scooter or other motorized accessibility aid are happy using scooter lifts. These heavy-duty lifts are specially-designed with the increased weight and footprint side of powered mobility aids in mind. Sprinters are more than capable of handling these larger options, making them an attractive wheelchair van choice for those individuals.

6. Auto Kneel

An auto kneel system lowers a wheelchair van, while at rest, to reduce the distance between the van’s point of entry the ground. In some cases, that’s done to decrease the required slope of a wheelchair ramp. In others, it can be used to increase the safety of lift use. Some Dodge Sprinter owners opt to install vehicle kneel systems for that very reason. It’s a popular safety-first modification.

7. Auto Ramp

Auto ramps are popular means of entering and exiting wheelchair vans. Dodge Sprinter owners who opt for ramps instead of lifts will generally install these varieties. Auto ramps are motorized wheelchair ramps that deploy and retract with the push of a button. They’re very convenient and they reduce the level of physical exertion required to maximize accessibility.

8. Auto Door

Wheelchair van users often struggle with stock-issue van doors. The doors can be heavy and the placement of their handles may present a real challenge for many disabled drivers. An auto door eliminates the problem. These doors can be opened and closed with the push of a button. The Dodge Sprinter doesn’t come standard with this option, but it is available. Those who plans to use a Sprinter without assistance and who may face a challenge from standard doors will want to thoroughly investigate the option.

9. Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Ramp

Is it possible to install a hitch-mounted ramp to a Dodge Sprinter? Absolutely. The question is whether it really makes sense to do so. Many Sprinter drivers will opt to use a lift in place of a ramp. Many ramp users will use a side-entry variation that can stow under the vehicle when not in use. Those who opt for rear-entry ramp use will find that the Sprinter offers sufficient interior space to eliminate the need for a hitch-mounted solution. However, some Dodge wheelchair van owners may still opt to have their conversion manufacturer install an exterior ramp option.

10. High Top Roof

For years, many wheelchair van users have been forced to have their vehicles modified to increase their vertical interior clearance. That usually involves lowering the floor or raising the roof in a “high top roof” conversion. The Dodge Sprinter eliminates the need for raising the roof during the modification process. That’s because the vehicle, especially in its high roof variation, provides more than enough interior clearance without making any changes.

11. Reduced Effort Steering

Some Dodge Sprinter drivers may find it hard to utilize the stock steering. They’re capable of operating the wheel, but only if doing so requires less strength and exertion. A reduced effort steering system solves the problem. It increases the strength of the power steering system, making it much easier to move the steering wheel. One can install low- or no-effort steering options in a Dodge Sprinter.


12. Reduced Effort Braking

Some Dodge wheelchair van drivers may find it difficult to use the standard-issue brake and accelerator pedal effectively. Those who could use the pedals if they didn’t require as much muscle and effort will want to consider adding a reduced effort braking system to their sprinters. A reduced effort braking system will engage the brakes without requiring the driver to apply the usual pressure to the pedals.

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