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Exterior Handicap Driving Features for Dodge Sprinter Wheelchair Vans

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The Dodge Sprinter full-sized wheelchair van is a wonderful option for drivers in need of a flexible wheelchair van option. It provides maximum space with surprisingly good performance.

The Sprinter does require some modification before it’s ready to be used as a wheelchair van. Multiple features and adaptations must be made in a manner consistent with the wheelchair van user’s individual needs.

Entry Considerations

That process starts by insuring that there’s adequate room to enter the vehicle and to function within its interior.

Generally speaking, that’s easy to do with a Sprinter. It’s a tall van in all of its variations and the special high-roof models provide more vertical space than one could every need. Some buyer may opt to lower the floor, but that’s usually not necessary.

Dodge Sprinter wheelchair vans have considerable entry room

Dodge Sprinter wheelchair vans have considerable entry height for wheelchair passengers

Those who use wheelchair ramps to enter and exit the Sprinter will undoubtedly consider installation of an auto kneel system. This reduces the pitch of the wheelchair ramp, when deployed. That makes it easier to get in and out while improving safety. Even users who purchase a lift to provide access will want to consider an auto kneel because it lowers the vehicle closer to the ground, which does improve lift safety.

Powered Side Doors

Improving these elements of access is important, but one can’t overlook the need to be certain that the wheelchair user can’t open the vehicle’s doors in the first place. The best way of insuring this is to opt for sliding side door and then having it powered. Additionally, it makes sense to install a remote entry system. This allows the wheelchair driver to open and close the Sprinter’s doors by pushing a button on his or her keychain remote control.


Wheelchair Lifts Are A Typical Choice

Dodge Sprinter wheelchair users typically choose lifts for easy access. While lifts are the more expensive option, they do offer some significant benefits. They can handle higher weight loads, are remarkably sturdy and generate a small footprint, which makes entry and exit easier, especially in cramped quarters. The Sprinter can use lifts on the side or the rear of the vehicle. Ramps are less expensive than lifts and may be preferred by some users. Channel ramps for example, will must less expensive than any stnadard wheelchair lift.

Dodge Sprinter Lifts offer significant advantages

Dodge Sprinter wheelchair lifts offer significant access advantages over ramps

Reduced Effort Steering and Braking

Of course, it’s essential to adapt the vehicle so that the Dodge wheelchair owner can operate the Sprinter comfortably and safely. That may necessitate modifications like reduced effort steering or breaking.

Reduced effort steering strengthens the Sprinter’s power steering system, which makes it easier for the driver to operate the steering wheel. This modification comes in both low- and zero-effort variations, based on driver need. Reduced effort breaking performs the same general function with respect to the use of the brake pedal. It allows those who may be unable to depress the pedal to safely brake the Sprinter. Those are just two examples of the many potential adaptations designed to provide disabled drivers with the opportunity for greater personal freedom and mobility.

Choosing the correct exterior features to be a part of the conversion process can transform a stock Dodge Sprinter van into an exceptional full-sized wheelchair van.

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