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Don’t Consider Purchasing a Used Dodge Without First Checking It Thoroughly

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A solid Dodge wheelchair van can be a great addition to your life. A stylish Grand Caravan or a spacious Sprinter can provide you with optimal access and convenience. One of the best ways to get a Dodge van at a reasonable price is by shopping for a used vehicle.

However, you need to know as much as possible about the vehicle you’re considering before making an offer. You shouldn’t consider purchasing a used Dodge without first checking it thoroughly.

Take 5 Minutes To Be Sure

That can be an intimidating prospect for some buyers. It shouldn’t be. It’s relatively easy to personally examine a vehicle for signs of trouble and anyone can acquire the additional information and opinion needed to make a wise buying decision.

Take A Quick Look Yourself

The best place to start your investigation is by looking at the van yourself. You don’t need to be a professional mechanic or an automotive genius to perform a cursory examination capable of revealing many of the most common warning signs.

You should look at various aspects of the mechanics. Here are a few things you should be checking:

The oil. It should be honey-colored and free of any residue or shavings. If the oil is dark (or if the vehicle is low on oil) you need to question the seller’s maintenance habits.

The engine. More specifically, you’ll want to look for signs of oil likes near or around the base of the engine. These can indicate major problems.

The exhaust. Look for holes or excessive rusting. You need to know if you’re going to invest in a new exhaust system days after purchasing the van.

Safety equipment. Test the horn and all lights to be certain they’re operable.

The radiator. Antifreeze may discolor the water, but it should enver appear milky or otherwise fouled.

The belts and hoses. If visible belts and hoses show signs of excessive wear or damage, it’s a sign that it’s owner hasn’t been caring for it appropriately.

Check Over The Exterior

You also need to look at the Dodge’s exterior for signs of early accidents and their repairs. You should consider:

The body panels. They should hang straight and appear consistent.

The paint. The paint should be appropriate for the age of the vehicle. It should also be worn similarly. Variations are indicative of repairs.

The trunk and engine compartment. You should look for highly visible or shoddy welding that may indicate significant efforts to repair a crashed vehicle.

The smoothness of the body. If you’re noting rippling, a wavy appearance to any segment of the vehicle or any other inconsistency, it could be a sign of past repair work.

Don’t Forget A Vehicle History Report


If your inspection goes well, you should begin gathering additional information. Request a vehicle history report and examine it for any evidence of past accidents, frequent sales or other potential problem indicators.

Trust A Mechanical Evaluation

Supplement the vehicle information report and your own assessment by having a professional mechanic evaluate the Dodge. An experience mechanic can spot things that may not appear in the report and that may have escaped your investigation.

If the Grand Caravan or Sprinter passes this kind of rigorous checking, you can feel relatively safe that your used Dodge wheelchair van purchase will be a wise one.

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