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Expert Advice on Buying Dodge Wheelchair Vans

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Are you thinking about buying a Dodge wheelchair van? If so, there are few things you’ll want to consider before you pay for your Grand Caravan or Sprinter. These are important matters whether you’re buying new or used; from a dealer or a private seller.

Know the Vehicle

You need to gain as much information as you possible can about the Dodge wheelchair van under consideration. If you’re looking at a new Sprinter or Grand Caravan, that’s going to mean doing your homework. The Internet is a great place to find auto reviews from real consumers and from well-recognized automotive publications such as Mobility Van Sales.com. Take the time to read them carefully. You’ll also want to look at Dodge reviews from previous years of the same make and model. The 2012 Grand Caravan isn’t identical to the 2011 version, but it’s sufficiently similar to justify looking at what people have said about its predecessor and using that information in your buying decision.

If you’re considering a used car, you’ll want to know the number of past owners, whether its been involved in any accidents, how it was serviced and what your own mechanic thinks about it after a full review. Insist on seeing documentation. Ask to review the service records and a CarFax.

Know the Seller

If you’re purchasing a new Dodge wheelchair van, you have less work to do than a used car buyer in this area. While you will want to check multiple Dodge dealers in your area to find the one that is known to offer the best customer service and pricing, you can feel relatively safe that any new Dodge dealer will stand by the vehicle and will offer you a fair deal.

Buying a used Grand Caravan or Sprinter is a little more complicated. While many used mobility dealers are very reputable, there are bad apples in the barrel. You’ll want to do enough research to know that you’re working with a quality used wheelchair van lot. Don’t make a deal with any lot that seems too pushy or that makes you uncomfortable.

Know The Private Seller’s Details

If you’re purchasing from a private seller, you’ll need their address and phone number. You’ll also need to ask to see their ID before finalizing any deal. That’s to protect yourself from purchasing a stolen car or a vehicle with a problematic title. Those problems are rare, but they do come up ad it’s easy to avoid them with that little bit of due diligence. If you feel uncomfortable with the seller, don’t make the deal. There are enough Dodge wheelchair vans to go around and you will be able to find one elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a good wheelchair van option, it makes sense consider Dodge products. The Grand Caravan’s lineage traces back to the world’s first minivan (and first wheelchair minivan) and the Sprinter is an attractive option for those who want a full-sized wheelchair van option. You can save yourself thousands while getting the vehicle you want by gathering all possible information about both the seller and the wheelchair van itself.

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