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Expert Tips : Selecting the Right Vehicle Modifications for Your Dodge Wheelchair Van

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You’re excited at the prospect of driving your newly acquired Grand Caravan or Sprinter, but before that happens, you’ll need to maneuver through the process of selecting the right modifications for your Dodge wheelchair van.

Obviously, this is an extremely important series of decisions. You’ll be making a financial investment in the Dodge and you’ll be making decisions that will have a huge impact on the level of accessibility you’ll experience and your safety. This is no place to cut corners. You want to make the right choices.

How Do You Start?

Choosing the right adaptations starts with some self-reflection. The process will involve multiple parties, but will always revolve and you and your needs. Before you start selecting modifications, you need to carefully consider your own personal expectations, strengths and limitations.

You need to develop a personal vision for your Caravan or Sprinter and how you’d like to drive it.

You may not know a great deal about all of the available options for your van. That’s understandable. It’s also unimportant. You’ll be utilizing expert assistance as the process moves forward. You just want to have an initial sense of what you’d like to achieve by modifying the van before moving forward.

The final roster of changes may not be completely reflective of those expectations, but having a sense of what you really want will help direct your efforts through the rest of the process.

Who Do You Call?

The most important person to call when selecting modifications for your wheelchair van is a qualified evaluator. Driving evaluators understand how disabilities and individual limitations translate when applied to motor vehicle use. They’re able to assess you so that they can uncover the perfect collection of adaptations for your vehicle.

An evaluator will talk to you about your driving plans and expectations. He or she will test your range of motion, reflexes, strength and stamina levels and physical limitations. The evaluator will also consider your judgment and decision making skills as they apply to driving.

They’ll use all of that information to draw up a report that will outline the modifications to your Dodge wheelchair van most likely to provide you with an optimal driving and vehicle ownership experience.

You should talk about the report and its contents with your evaluator at length. Understand the recommendations and why they were made. Provide input about your preferences and use the opportunity to outline a Dodge wheelchair van that will work perfectly for you.

The Recommendations are the Beginning

Meeting with an evaluator for recommendations puts you in position to begin the conversion process with your equipment dealer and/or conversion company. However, it’s only the beginning. You’ll want to provide those working on your van with more than the evaluator’s report. You’ll want to be actively involved in describing what you want from your Caravan or Sprinter.

Selecting and implementing the right modifications to a van is a very individualized process and the best way to insure that the customization will reflect what you need and want is to be a part of the process. Supply the best possible information and give all parties an opportunity to understand what you need.

The process of selecting your vehicle’s modifications is critical. It’s going to determine who effectively you can drive, how accessible your van is and will have a massive impact on your personal safety.

As such, it’s important to make choices the right way. That involves utilizing professional assistance and combining the hard work of those experts with a personal commitment to clearly communicate your preferences and vision for your Dodge wheelchair van.

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