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Understand How Dodge Wheelchair Van Insurance Really Works

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Whether you’re covering your old Caravan or your new Sprinter, you pay for insurance on your wheelchair van. Have you ever wondered why your rates look the way they do? Here’s a look at how Dodge wheelchair van insurance really works–and the three factors determining the price of your policy.

Factor One: You

You have a significant impact on the price of your wheelchair van insurance. That’s because the insurance company looks at you quite closely in order to determine how risky they think you are. They use demographic information and relevant history to determine who much to charge you.

If you’re a 20-year old male high school dropout with a history of tickets and accidents who has had five different addresses in the last year and who has a well below average FICO score, you are going to pay considerably more than the 40-year old woman with an advanced degree and clean driving record who owns her own home (thanks, in part, to her perfect credit score). The insurance company knows that certain features are indicative of a higher likelihood of claims and they set prices accordingly.

US law prohibits insurers from discriminating against wheelchair drivers or anyone else with a disability. However, that doesn’t mean that the companies can’t consider one’s disability when making a pricing decision. They can and they do.

Factor Two: Your Vehicle

Insurance companies also base policy pricing on the vehicle under considerations. That happens on multiple levels. Initially, they consider the value of the vehicle and the likely cost to repair or replace and/or the likely amount of damage it will cause to other vehicles in an accident. Additionally, they look at the likelihood of the particular vehicle under consideration being involved in an accident in the first place. Finally, they consider the safety of the vehicle.

If you have a full-sized Dodge wheelchair van, you’ll probably pay less than you will for a Grand Caravan. That’s because the Sprinter is less likely to be involved in accidents. The insurance companies study a massive supply of data to reach these conclusions; they’re not guesswork.

Unfortunately, that research reveals that drivers of wheelchair vans are at least slightly more likely to be involved in accidents than are other drivers. As such, owners of modified vehicles tend to pay more in premiums. Much of that is because repairing and replacing a modified wheelchair van can be a specialized and costly proposition.

Factor Three: Your Coverage

The nature of your insurance coverage will have the greatest impact on your premium rates. If you’re only carrying minimum liability coverage in order to “stay legal” on a used Caravan, you’re going to pay considerably less than someone who has a comprehensive policy on a brand new Grand Caravan.

There are many different kinds of coverage ranging from that basic property liability coverage (which will pay for damages to the other party’s vehicle in an accident) to comprehensive coverage that will take care of damage to your vehicle from virtually any source. The levels of coverage, policy limits and deductible amounts will radically influence what you pay to keep your Dodge wheelchair van covered.

Obviously, price-consciousness can only go so far. You need to be certain that you do have adequate coverage for your Dodge wheelchair van and, in almost all cases, for your mobility aids and additions to the van.

Purchasing insurance for your Dodge is always a balancing act. You want to get the coverage you need without paying more than what you must. Understanding the factors that influence your rates may help you to do that.

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