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Smart Advice: How to Insure Dodge Wheelchair Van the Right Way and Save

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You’ve purchased your Dodge wheelchair van. Now it’s time to insure that Caravan or Sprinter. Securing coverage isn’t just a legal requirement–it’s the smart thing to do. You’ll want a policy that provides the best possible coverage without breaking the bank. Shopping for insurance won’t be as much fun as picking out your van, but you can make the process a little less agonizing by following a few smart recommendations.

Disclose Everything: When you’re dealing with insurance companies, it’s tempting to tell a little less than the whole truth in an effort to hold down rates. We’re all looking for a bargain, but when you’re insuring your Dodge wheelchair van, complete honesty and disclosure is the route to the best possible policy.

You need to tell your insurer about any restrictions you may have on your driver’s license. You also need to give them the complete list of modifications made to your vehicle.

This isn’t just an ethical recommendation. The failure to be forthright can have some negative consequences. A failure to provide that information can result in a refusal on the part of your insurance company to pay a claim, leaving you liable for any expenses or damages incurred in an accident. That makes every premium payment made to that point a complete waste of your money and leaves you in the very situation you wanted to avoid when you obtained coverage. Full disclosure also helps you to obtain sufficient levels of coverage to replace or repair your van in the event of a problem. Being underinsured can leave you short of getting your van back in working order.

Shop Everywhere: Buying insurance for your Dodge wheelchair van isn’t much different from buying insurance for a standard-issue car, van or truck. The same basic rules apply. One of the most important rules of good insurance buying is to shop around.

Talk with different agents who represent different insurance companies. Take advantage of online rate comparison sites, too. The fact that you’re insuring a wheelchair van doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than the best possible rate for coverage.

Look at the Loaner Provision: Many insurance policies provide the insured with alternative transportation in the event that their vehicle is rendered unavailable following an incident. A standard “loaner car” may work very well for the average driver, but it won’t serve as a credible stand-in for your Dodge wheelchair van.

You need to consider your options if you can’t get any real value from a standard loaner. Find out if you can arrange for a more suitable form of temporary transportation. If that’s not a possibility, investigate a rate reduction in exchange for foregoing that benefit. You want to pay for the things you need and to avoid wasting your money on the things you can’t even use.

Prepare for Higher Rates: An insurance company can’t discriminate against you based on your disability. The Disability Discrimination Act expressly prohibits that from happening in the US. If you can pass a driving test and your van is legal, you can get a quote. However, the law doesn’t prohibit insurance companies from charging you more for your insurance than they might charge other drivers. That’s true for two reasons.

First, the value of your van and the cost associated with repair and replacement may be higher than standard vehicles due to its level of customization.

Second, insurance companies are allowed to use established overall statistical data to set rates. If those numbers indicate that drivers or vehicles sharing characteristics with you and your van are more likely to experience claim situations, they’re allowed to charge you accordingly.

You will probably pay more than many drivers as a result. That’s not a reason to skip bargaining or to settle for a bad deal, but it is something you should know before you begin shopping.

Buying insurance for a wheelchair van can be a trying experience, but if you go into the process with these tips in mind, you should be able to get the coverage you need at the best possible price.

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